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Meet Night Lion Security

Sell helps Night Lion Security uncover actionable, quantifiable sales insights

About the Company

Night Lion Security is a cyber security and IT risk management firm dedicated to helping businesses identify and manage critical vulnerabilities within their networks, websites and IT infrastructure.

The Challenge

Night Lion Security’s team of certified ethical hackers is among the best in the country and provides detailed IT risk assessments, advanced penetration testing, digital forensics and security audit preparation for companies that wish keep up with their industries’ rapidly evolving regulatory compliance standards.

As a security company, it’s critical for Night Lion Security to establish trusted relationships with prospects from first touch. The company needed a sales solution that would enable it to seamlessly track, organize and manage leads to ensure its communication and outreach were consistently on target. The solution also had to have a strong mobile application, as Night Lion CEO Vinny Troia couldn’t let his busy travel schedule get in the way of accessing important information and managing performance. “It was really difficult to find a solution that could grow with our business while still providing a smooth, straightforward user experience,” says Vinny.

The Solution

After evaluating a number of CRMs, Vinny decided to go with Sell’s All-in-One Sales Platform. Using Sell’s customized lead tracking capabilities, Night Lion is able to keep its leads organized using custom fields, statuses and tags that make it easy to create and filter Smart Lists. Email tools like automation, bulk send, templates, merge tags and real-time notifications ensure the team’s communications are always on time and on track.

"I spent a lot of time searching for the right solution for my business, and Sell was the obvious choice." Vinny Troia CEO at Night Lion Security

“Base has the best mobile platform on the market by far,” says Vinny. “I love that I get the same level of functionality as I have in the office at my desk as I do on the road from my iPad.” In addition to Sell’s mobile sales management, Vinny also finds himself leveraging the platform’s reports often, particularly the Pipeline Development report. This sales report provides a visual representation of how deals are moving through the various stages of the sales pipeline to help identify opportunities for improvement within the sales process.

The Results

Since going live with Sell, Night Lion Security has seen a marked improvement in the way it is able to track, manage and communicate with leads. “I spent a lot of time searching for the right solution for my business, and Sell was the obvious choice because of its unmatched flexibility and ease of use,” says Vinny. “Tools like custom filters and merge tags keep us organized while significantly increasing sales productivity.” Sell has also allowed Night Lion to grow its business without having to worry about infrastructure scalability. In fact, the company is expected to more than double in size this year – business must be good!

Success Made with Sell Solutions

These solutions help Night Lion Security take their sales to the next level faster than ever.

Mobile Sales Management

Mobile Sales Management

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Email Intelligence

Email Intelligence

Enhance your communication with email tools designed to give your reps a competitive edge.

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Reporting and Analytics

Reporting and Analytics

Uncover data-driven sales insights with robust, out-of-the-box visual reporting.

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