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Meet NOW

ISP faces regional growth head-on with Sell

About the Company

NOW is a New Zealand based broadband company that provides internet and phone line service to businesses and homes.

The Challenge

For New Zealand based broadband NOW, it’s all about staying true to their mantra: “delight the customer.” Established in 2002, NOW is a rapidly growing company that is bringing customer service back to the ISP market. With global offices emerging throughout New Zealand, NOW needed a CRM that would give sales reps and managers visibility across different offices. David Nation, Head of Sales and Marketing, explains NOW’s search for the right CRM in the face of rapid growth. NOW has been steadily expanding over the past few years. However, David explains that despite this growth, the team struggled with having limited insight into their sales pipeline. “We have a centralized sales team and a sales teams in the outer regions, but we had no way of knowing where they were in their pipeline. We were traveling blind.” After looking into Salesforce, RightNow and Sugar, NOW found that none of these CRM solutions provided the right balance of simplicity and visibility that they were looking for. It wasn’t until one of their developers pointed them to Sell, that they found what they had envisioned. Once key players in their sales and management teams began to interact with Sell, David realized that this CRM experience was a cut above the rest. “From past experience, I knew that if your team didn’t use the CRM then there’s no point in putting in it. But the team seemed enthusiastic about Sell’s mobility, and the ability to enter data and see results in real time,” says David.

The Solution

“Our philosophy has always been to keep it simple,” David emphasizes, and Sell aligned perfectly with this philosophy. From reporting metrics to forecasting capabilities, Sell has helped NOW gain a better understanding of their sales pipeline and opportunities. “Base has let us have insight at our fingertips, and it enables the sales team to do their jobs better. It’s also really easy to manage the regional teams remotely. So it’s created a whole different management philosophy,” explains David. Mobility is another key feature that has propelled NOW’s sales team. For David, having a robust mobile sales platform has given him the data and knowledge to better direct his team. “As a manager I’m able to provide more direction on what I want to see from my team. That has helped them find clarity on what my expectations are for them every week,” says David. With newly formulated conversion rates fueling their sales productivity and win-rate, the team now has the proper metrics and guidance in place for success.

The Results

NOW wasn’t just looking for a management solution, they wanted to help their sales reps be more successful. “It’s about them just as much as us” notes David, and Sell gave them a solution that married everyone’s needs all while being “easy to use, easy to navigate and easy to implement.” Since implementing Sell, NOW has seen significant growth in their business. “The first month we implemented Sell, we had a record sales month. A lot of business was sitting and needed to be closed, and thanks to Sell we knew this and could close it.” David further credits Sell with boosting their pipeline value. “Our pipeline has gone up 25% in terms of value since implementing Sell,” and for NOW, maintaining this momentum will be the key to their growing success.

Success Made with Sell Solutions

These solutions help NOW take their sales to the next level faster than ever.

Rep Productivity

Rep Productivity

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Mobile Sales Management

Mobile Sales Management

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Reporting and Analytics

Reporting and Analytics

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