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Meet Octego

Big data insights boost revenue and upsells for international energy firm

About the Company

Octego is an energy consulting firm that provides professional energy management services in the UK.

The Challenge

Renewable energy is a $480 billion global industry that is growing exponentially. So is the case for UK-based consulting company Octego, a professional energy management firm that brings data and analytics to energy efficiency in the B2B market. A relaunch in 2015 set the stage for a new vision and an aggressive growth plan for their future. As such, Octego realized that their new business model would only succeed with a more comprehensive sales platform. Nick Wood, Technology Director, explains Octego’s struggles and how science and analytics completely transformed their sales.

For the past decade Octego used Filemaker Pro to manage its sales records, which unfortunately only provided basic database functionality. “There wasn’t any kind of reporting or management-level visibility. Hence, there were no insights that we could draw. The only results we could see were our sales figures at the end of the month.” Lack of perception made process and strategy improvements virtually impossible. “We didn’t know how many calls our reps were making in a day, how long the sales cycle was, how people followed-up. We couldn’t even differentiate between leads and contacts.” Hindering efficiency, Octego decided to forgo their one-dimensional system. After researching various CRM solutions including Salesforce, Sugar and Nimble, Octego found the usability and analytics they needed with Sell.

The Solution

Today, Octego uses Sell to strategically grow their business and the entire team eagerly uses it. “Base’s simplicity and user experience is so unique. The information you see on a page is abundant and rich, yet it’s completely digestible because of the intuitive design.” The team loves features like email and communication tracking, which have boosted not only win-rates, but also customer retention. “The moment a client is unhappy, we know. Without Sell’s communication tracking solutions, our reps would be reaching out blind.”

Reports like the Stage Duration Analysis are also bringing more science and method to their selling approach. “Base has helped us identify where each of our Account Executive’s strongest skills lie. We now know who is the best at getting contracts upfront, who struggles to close, and who is good at pushing deals through the pipeline. This information is invaluable.”

The Results

Octego has seen exponential growth in the renewable energy sector, a positive trend that Sell is driving forward.

“Since introducing Sell we’ve seen remarkable results. Our annual revenue is up by 51% and we now have 44% more clients on long-term contracts,” explains Nick. “In addition, Sell has given us the ability to upsell more proactively, which has helped boost our revenue per client by 15%.”

Sell has brought remarkable value to Octego. This value transcends what is simply quantifiable and translates to betterments across every department and tier at Octego. “From a management perspective, Sell has given us a world of information through reporting insights. Likewise for our sales, the quality of service we can now offer our clients is far superior to where it was before.” We look forward to seeing Octego’s continued rise in the renewable energy industry as they turn their new vision into reality with data-driven sales.

Success Made with Sell Solutions

These solutions help Octego take their sales to the next level faster than ever.

Rep Productivity

Rep Productivity

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Customer Management

Customer Management

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Reporting and Analytics

Reporting and Analytics

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