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Meet Turner Surety & Insurance Brokerage

Turner Surety & Insurance Brokerage Nails Its Sales Forecast with Sell

About the Company

Turner Surety & Insurance Brokerage (TSIB) is one of the largest privately held full-service insurance brokers in the US. TSIB specializes in coverage for construction and security-related industries.

The Challenge

While TSIB had a sales platform in place prior to Sell, its limited tracking capabilities led reps to use Excel to manage their contacts and sales cycles. But with reps dispersed across nine different office locations, this approach simply wasn’t conducive to visibility and collaboration.

“We needed a central place for all of our sales information,” shares TSIB’s Marketing Coordinator, Kristen DeFilippe. “We tried to solve this problem with a shared spreadsheet, but reps would track deals in different ways. It just wasn’t reliable.” Given the need for TSIB’s leadership to generate accurate forecasts, this lack of quality data was a major issue.

The Solution

TSIB soon made the decision to forego its shared spreadsheet in favor of Sell’s All-in-One Sales Platform. Because of Sell’s intuitive, easy-to-use interface, reps actually want to use it, providing the TSIB sales team with a single, centralized location for all of its sales activities and information.

The ability to quickly create custom fields in Sell makes it extremely easy for TSIB to define and capture the exact information that it needs, such as contract renewal dates and lead originators. All of this data can then be sorted into custom Smart Lists that provide reps, managers and other key stakeholders with the information they need to make smarter decisions and conduct further analysis.

Another Sell feature that works to help TSIB stay organized and track the right information is multiple pipelines. By creating distinct, separate pipelines for each of its insurance types, TSIB simplifies the data entry process by showing reps only the fields, processes and goals that they need to see. TSIB also uses Sell’s document storage functionality to keep contracts and other relevant items organized and in context.


With its entire sales team consistently using a single, unified sales platform, TSIB is now able to capture a greater quantity and quality of sales data than ever before. In fact, the team estimates that the volume and variety of data collected with Sell compared to its previous Excel and Google spreadsheets has improved by 20%.

Now that the company has been building a repository of historical data with Sell, it is able to generate actionable sales intelligence that it didn’t have before. For example, TSIB now has greater insight into the types of clients reps should be focusing on, and was able to conduct an analysis to identify and remedy the reasons why it was losing certain bids. Kristen adds, “As a marketer, I’m able to gain a more strategic understanding of where marketing should invest to generate the best leads for sales thanks to Sell.”

"Sell has effectively centralized our sales processes, activities and information. It has totally transformed our pipeline visibility and makes sales easier for everyone at our company, from reps, to managers, to execs." Kristen DeFilippe Marketing Coordinator at Turner Surety & Insurance Brokerage

The sales data generated by Sell also enables TSIB’s president to quickly and easily generate highly accurate revenue projections and sales forecasts. Overall, TSIB has seen a 30% boost in forecast accuracy. “This ability to track better and more accurate information allows us to coordinate our service deliverables to clients better and give them a more complete product. It helps make us a better broker,” says Chris Smith, Vice President & Managing Director.

According to Kristen, “None of these results would have been possible if it weren’t for Sell’s awesome customer success and support teams. They have been there since day one and continue to provide us with hands-on assistance whenever we have a question. We truly value their partnership.”

Success Made with Sell Solutions

These solutions help Turner Surety & Insurance Brokerage take their sales to the next level faster than ever.

Lead Tracking

Lead Tracking

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Customer Management

Customer Management

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Sales Forecasting

Sales Forecasting

Create reliable revenue predictions with increased pipeline visibility and cutting edge forecasting tools.

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