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Meet Upfluence

API integration and adaptability catapult content marketing startup to success

About the Company

Founded in 2013, Upfluence is a rapidly growing content marketing company that brings innovative strategies and content creation to the marketplace.

The Challenge

Upfluence is a fast growing content marketing platform that brings advertisers and editorial content together. Over the course of the past year, Upfluence has grown exponentially and taken the market by storm. With a platform comprised of thousands of bloggers, Upfluence needed to find a system that would consolidate all of their data effectively. CEO Kevin Creusy was motivated to find the right CRM that would both organize and monitor their sales pipeline, further catapulting them to success.

For Kevin, it was important to find a structured database that would provide both open API integration and an adaptable system for their growing team. However, their CRM solution at the time, Salesforce, failed to hit either of these crucial marks. “Salesforce is a really complicated product, and you have access to nothing as far their API is concerned unless you pay an exceptional amount,” says Kevin. With the sales team struggling to make sense of a complex database and virtually no API integration, Kevin concluded that Salesforce was no longer a viable solution for them. He then looked into Pipedrive but this too was unsuccessful. “The data wasn’t clear in Pipedrive, and the features provided just weren’t enough. We didn’t have any monitoring of what was going on.” Kevin finally found that integration, customization, and monitoring were all possible when he found Sell.

The Solution

Today, Upfluence plugs their entire website into Sell. “Base has the best and easiest integration with the API. In one week we converted all of our data and leads and transferred it on to Sell,” boasts Kevin. With vast improvements on the back-end, Upfluence’s sales team now has a customized CRM experience that adapts to their needs. Features like Sell Voice, document repository, and notifications streamlined their sales process and thus, have nurtured their rapid growth.

Kevin highlights the impact Sell has made on both sales reps and managers. “Base is the start of our entire process. We’re finding new clients, centralizing the information and getting notifications, all in Sell.” Having their information in a cohesive database has also led to a new level of real- time analytics for management. “Base makes our data easily searchable and allows us to follow all of the articles in our marketplace live.” With a system that keeps up with their fast- moving marketplace, Kevin now has a breadth of knowledge about his data, insight that would have been difficult to reach had he been forced to comb through his data like before.

The Results

“Base is easy to use and very intuitive, yet has all the functionality that I expect to find in a proper CRM for a company that’s growing very fast,” says Kevin. Since implementing Sell, Upfluence has grown immensely.

“We started using Sell nine months ago. Since then, we have had 1,000% growth. It was our biggest year so far. If we didn’t have a CRM like Sell, we would not have been able to do that because the information was scattered everywhere.”

Such growth and momentum has catapulted Upfluence into the six-figure revenue range. Kevin projects that Upfluence will be “expecting 700% growth next year, and it will be thanks to Sell.” We look forward to following Upfluence’s success as they move from an emerging company to a content marketing powerhouse.

Success Made with Sell Solutions

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