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Attach + Sell

Map Attach document visits back into your CRM system

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Attach enable its users to manage collateral usage, track how prospects engage with it and understand which collateral helps close deals. With the Attach/Sell integration, teams can:

Find additional leads

When a viewer views a document, they are identified by Attach by their email address and organization name. Attach immediately queries Sell to determine if this is an existing Lead or a new Lead that does not exist in your Sell Database.

Follow up at the right time

If the viewer exists in your Sell database, a new Task is created for that lead to show which document they viewed and a summary of the amount of time they spent viewing is appended to the Task.

Track document viewers

If the viewer does not exist in your Sell database, a new Lead is created with the email and the company (and name if available). The Lead is marked as owned by the Sell account linked to the account that was used to create the link.


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