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Flatly + Sell

Auto-export Sell data to cloud drives like Google Drive (+Sheets), OneDrive (+Excel), Box, Dropbox, Azure or Amazon S3 on a scheduled basis

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Flatly copies data from business applications (CRM, accounting) to cloud drives like Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Box, etc. on a scheduled basis.

Business data can be applied to custom models in spreadsheets, shared with various stakeholders, or pulled into third-party reporting apps that connect to drives natively. Flatly is a self-service app that takes less than 5 minutes to set up and has no setup fees and needs no professional services work.

Common use cases are:

  1. Predictive forecast modeling and sensitivity analysis.
  2. Correlation analysis between independent data variables.
  3. Merging of business data (CRM + Accounting + Marketing) for analysis.
  4. Sharing of business data with external, read-only audiences.


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