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Launchcloud + Sell

Capture a contact, lead or deal in Launchcloud and instantly map it back to Sell

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Collect Leads from a Variety of Sources

Embed Launchcloud forms in your website, blast a public form out on social, or capture data directly through the Launchcloud app — whatever works best for your business. The beauty of the Launchcloud integration is that you can map your captured data exactly where it needs to be in Sell – either to your leads, contacts or deals. In real time, data can be pulled from your Sell account to auto-complete a Launchcloud form if you need to add information to a potential lead contact or sale. Any changes you make in Launchcloud are pushed back into Sell.

Store Responses in Sell

Attach responses from your forms to your contacts in Sell. A complete record of the response can be stored in Sell documents as a PDF, JPEG, or Excel file. This is the simplest way to set up document automation.

Integration Features

  • Add Leads to Sell
  • Add Companies to Sell
  • Add Contacts to Sell
  • Add Deals Sell
  • Auto-fill Launchcloud forms with data from Sell
  • Save PDF, Excel, CSV, word files and images to your Sell account
  • Allow multiple accounts
  • Allow public forms.
  • iOS and Android compatible for offline forms
  • Embed in website


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