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Marketo + Sell

Integrate Sell & Marketo without a line of code, ever.

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Bi-directionally Sync & De-duplicate Data

Continuous sync ensures your sales team gets leads and data on the latest interactions as they happen. Leads sync & de-duplicate in both directions, automatically.

Automate Smart List & Campaign Creation

Sell Company & Person data opens up Marketo capabilities such as automated lead nurturing and customer marketing campaigns.

Power Closed Loop Reporting & Revenue Cycle Analytics

Get even deeper insights into how to improve your sales & marketing process.

Give Sales Visibility into Lead Intelligence

Enable sales with better context for prospect interactions by surfacing Marketo lead intelligence natively in Sell.

Wizard-based Management

Manage all integrations to Sell through a wizard-based interface: not a single line of code.

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Sell faster and smarter with Zendesk Sell

Sell's products eliminates the need for multiple sales point solutions by providing businesses with tools for email, phone dialing, lead scoring, reporting and more.