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Email Productivity

Integrate your email to easily send, receive and track communications directly in Sell.

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How can Sell help with email productivity?

Stop working out of multiple screens at once. Streamline your workflow by syncing your email with Sell to send, receive and capture communication directly within lead, contact and deal cards. Save time by sending personalized emails at scale using built-in templates and merge tags from any device.

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Email Integration

Easily sync Sell with your email provider of choice, including Gmail or Outlook. All email addresses and messages will be scanned and pulled into Sell and mapped to the appropriate leads and contacts.

Email Automation

Send bulk emails in a matter of seconds without sacrificing personalization. Create and save unlimited email templates in Sell, and leverage merge tags like "name" and "company" to add that human touch.

Email Tracking

Keep all your email communication in context. All lead and contact-related messages are automatically logged and recorded in Sell, regardless of whether they’re sent via your inbox or the Sell UI.

Mobile CRM

Not at your desk? Not to worry. Sell makes it easy to email on the go from your tablet or smartphone. Stay connected to your prospects by sending and tracking messages with just a few simple taps.

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Sell's products eliminates the need for multiple sales point solutions by providing businesses with tools for email, phone dialing, lead scoring, reporting and more.