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There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to customer service, and certainly no magic recipe for success, but fast-growing startups move faster and invest more than their peers.

Whether you’re early in your support journey or well on your way, we’ve developed key performance benchmarks from startups who have experienced fast growth to help you assess your performance and rethink your support goals going forward.

1. Customer service drives growth

Startups that see faster growth rates start thinking about customer service earlier and embrace more tools and processes than the rest.

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Fast-growing startups added support within 2 years of founding

2. Omnichannel cuts wait times

They were more likely to use omnichannel and chat support to help cut wait times and build more efficient teams.


Faster resolution time for fast-growing startups by their second year


Faster to adopt self-service features compared to non-Unicorns

3. Unicorns embrace self-service

Those that have gone on to become unicorns prioritized self-service features like online help centers and were quicker to adopt live communication channels like chat and phone support.

4. Rethink priorities

Though fast-growth startups are more likely to use an omnichannel strategy and lean on self-service, startup leaders said these features are less influential in buying decisions.

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