In-App Messaging

In-App Messaging Means Stronger Engagement

What is in-app messaging?

In-app messaging is a notification, offer, message or survey that users see while they are in a mobile app. In-app notifications can take the form of pop-ups, interstitials, banner notifications and more. It lets you engage smoothly with your users and customers at the moment when they are most likely to respond. By sending them in-app notifications, you reach out to them when they are most interested in your content.

Outbound is now a member of the Zendesk family. Together with Zendesk Connect we can now make customer relationships better with proactive messaging allowing businesses to engage customers via multiple messaging platforms.

Engagement now and later

Mobile app messaging takes you and your customers further than ever down the path of engagement. For example, with methods like email surveys, you may see a spike in click-through and completion rates for a few days, but then you’ll see a huge drop-off as most of your customers just never get around to filling the surveys out. In-app messaging lets you put your surveys and notifications directly on screen alongside your content.

Enjoy the benefits

With more consumers relying on mobile, in-app messaging in your Android and iOS apps offers you these benefits:
  • Targeted marketing – Mobile app messaging lets you use users’ preferences and behavior to send them highly personalized notifications.
  • Stronger commitment – Active, engaged customers are less likely to uninstall your app.
  • Greater reach – Your in-app notifications and messaging go only to users you know, and who know you.
You get the greatest return on your investment in mobile when your in-app messaging continually brings your users back to your app and your brand.

The right time

In-app messaging makes it easier to stage and execute entire campaigns at important points in your relationship with your customer. For example, when users first install your app, you can send simple, welcoming notifications about how they can get the most out of it and share it.

Next steps

Your app developers can provide mock-ups that will show you how your notifications and messages will look and function in the app when your users see them. They can also specify length of message, use of images, possibility of two-way communication and alert sounds.

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