Corporate Ticket Management Software

Corporate ticket management software

A personalized response for every customer

We live in a fast-paced, digitized world where customer complaints can appear across platforms at all times of day. When complaints are made, most of today’s ticketing systems receive the complaint and automatically generate a related ticket. Nice, sure, but limited in an era when customers reach out to companies on a variety of platforms, some of them very public.

The inside scoop

Your help desk might, for example, receive a tweet and a chat message about the same issue from the same person, but without a way to identify the duplicates you’ll have two agents working on the issue each unaware of the other. The result is a sloppy — and possibly contradictory — response to your customer, an inefficient use of your Help Desk team, and the possibility that your customer might then lob a complaint on social media. The potential for missteps is great, which is why the software to address them must be intelligent enough to move across various platforms to alert agents of the whole, holistic customer experience behind the issue.

But never fear — great corporate ticket management software such as Zendesk Support’s ticket system solution can streamline your customer service, making ticket resolution easier, smarter, and your customers happier.

Did you know?

Ticket management software aggregates all of your help desk’s correspondence with a customer under one ticket, so your agents can see the nature of ALL of the customer’s interactions with your company. That’s handy information your agents need to resolve the ticket or route it to someone who can.

Other factors

What’s more, ticket management software provides your agents with instant contextual data on the issue and the customer, including whether they’ve reached out to your company in the past, what their issue was, and how it was resolved. The ticket database is searchable by keyword and can also include articles uploaded by your team to help agents navigate similar issues.

The right fit

In addition to organizing your tickets on an easy-to-navigate platform, Zendesk’s ticket management software provides you with a wealth of big-picture data on customer problems and resolutions with its issue tracking system. This system can help your support team identify common problems so that you can contact your IT department about long-term resolutions or create self-help resources on your website.

Make it your own

All of this up-to-the-minute support is at your agents’ fingertips, making your help desk more efficient and, well, helpful.

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