Help Desk as a Service

Help desk as a service

How help desk as a service minimizes complaints

Social media has allowed the angry customer, the annoyed customer, and the just-not-feeling-it customer to reach vast audiences in an instant. That's why hyper-vigilant help desk as a service software is so critical in today's customer service landscape—your agents need to be there, ready to help in an instant.

Based in the cloud, help desk as a service providers like Zendesk Support's help desk software allow your company to quickly respond to any customer issue before it snowballs, whatever the platform -- email, social, voice, or chat.

Creating less work

Cloud-based software as a service is only growing -- Gartner's recent Magic Quadrant report predicts that by 2019 more than 85% of customer service and support software will be located in the Cloud. Cloud-based SaaS solutions make help desk management easier and more efficient. Most help desk as a service suites such as Zendesk Support's help desk include team-wide ticket inboxes, social customer outreach, automated ticket request forms and ticket dispatching, and self-help forums for common problems. This technology makes it easy to track your agents' conversations with users, and for your agents to find the solution or transfer the customer to an agent who can better help them.

Plus, help desk as a service means all of your agents are just a click away from one another, no matter where they are in the world, so they can share tickets with the rest of the service desk and make instant use of institutional knowledge.

Personalized service from the get-go

Gartner calls Zendesk a leader in cloud-based customers support software. This is in part thanks to its help desk, which provides a mobile-optimized way for agents to quickly track and resolve queries. Help desk offers a dynamic request form to give your agents extra information about the client's problem, allowing them to give personalized support from the get-go. It also makes it even easier for agents to leverage internal knowledge with a "Light" add-on, which allows an unlimited number of agents to view tickets and add private comments. All on a simple, sleek interface that Gartner calls "very well designed."

Start easing your customer support burden

With its sleek interface and emphasis on team collaboration, help desk as a service is your company's best answer to even the pickiest of customers.

Experience is everything.

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