Help Desk Companies

Help desk companies

End the warzone

What do your agents look like when they leave their shift? Do they have pep in their step? Or do they look like the just fought and lost the battle? Help desk companies, like Zendesk Support, lend a hand to the front-liners. Your agents go onto the battlefield as a unified team, equipped with the very best tools, and come out looking rosy.

Peacemakers of the customer service world

We love our customers, right? Sure we do. Because they are always right. Zendesk puts all the information in front of each agent so they always have the best tools at hand to solve any issue. No man goes in blind and no man is left behind. If an agent gets in too deep another can pick up right where she leaves off. Automatically brief additional support teams, engineers, IT, and sargents so they are always in the loop. And when the battle is over, our knowledge base automatically updates ticket solutions so everyone can learn how to keep the peace.

All we need it love

Combine information from every channel: twitter, email, phone, message, facebook, and soooooo much more, so everyone has all the puzzle pieces in front of them. Then:
  • Respond to the customer on the channel they choose from the device you choose
  • Create a problem ticket to tie incidents to so engineering can instantly see what's happening. Close the problem ticket and it closes all the incidents at once

How Zendesk helps

Zendesk family of products work together. We keep it simple, scalable, and fully extensible. There's a reason we call ourselves Zendesk.

Make peace not war. Come check it out.

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