Help Desk Ticketing Software List

Help desk ticketing software list

Nothing lost in the cracks of the mountain

Never let a customer get lost in the cracks again. Help desk ticketing software not only includes contextual data and previous support requests—all within a highly organized system but also tracks all of this relevant data over time, allowing support teams to learn and improve the support they provide. Enable support agents to create workflows that ensure customer tickets are routed, assigned, and escalated, so nothing ever gets lost in cracks and all customer interactions become learning experiences.

The inside scoop

Zendesk Support is a ticketing management software system that acts as a shared inbox for all your customers’ questions and concerns. Enable customers to contact your company via their preferred channel and also ensure support agents are set up for success with a consistent view of each customer. All support requests, whether their chats, phone calls, Tweets, or emails, are stored in the online ticket management system as prioritized lists.

Benefits of Zendesk

Turn mountains into molehills
  • All customer data kept in the ticketing system is searchable, including tickets, knowledge base articles, forum posts and more.
  • You are provided with a full audit trail so you can track every conversation from origin to resolution, even if it spanned multiple channels and agents.
  • And as an issue tracking system, it’s possible for your support team to learn and grow over time, leading to better self-service options (built with help desk software), more personalized support, and consistent, efficient customer support.

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