Helpdesk - assistance for customers and users

What is the Helpdesk?

The helpdesk is the main point of contact where a company provides information, resources and assistance to its users and customers. Most helpdesk systems are staffed by technically proficient agents versed in the company's products and services. They are trained to address the wide variety of issues that users report.

Zendesk gives agents the tools they need to build strong relationships with customers and collaborate efficiently with co-workers.

Ad hoc support

The main advantage of a helpdesk is that it is an overall system for efficient management of all the information about customer issues. Instead of one-off, ad hoc answers to incoming questions, the software organizes and prioritizes all the requests received by the help center and makes it easy to search for them.

For each issue reported, the agent creates a new ticket in the helpdesk software. All activities - conversations, phone calls, email, requests - are recorded and saved in the ticket. Often, agents provide customers with the unique ticket number. That allows them to search for, access and update the ticket through a self-service portal using their computer or mobile device.

Better relationships

Some IT help centers use the term "customer" to refer to their internal users (co-workers) as well as to the external consumers of their products and services. In both cases, the center is the main way to connect people to resources for answering their questions.

Software often includes access to technical support and the company's knowledge base.

Help starts now

Software for the help center is an important part of every company's information technology landscape. Any organization with phone, computer and network infrastructure can start a free trial. Over time, agents learn to create and update tickets better and handle requests more promptly. Management soon sees the payoff in greater client satisfaction.

A simple way to track, manage and resolve support issues

Zendesk Support is designed to help you simplify support. The software includes helpdesk tools for automation, notification and responding, to ensure support issues don't fall through the cracks.

Great relationships thrive on great support.

Give your agents the tools they need to provide great support.

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