Zendesk Chat / Zopim vs Intercom

Zendesk Chat (Zopim) vs Intercom

If picture is worth a thousand words, and a selfie is worth a thousand likes, then adding live chat to your website is easily worth a thousand emails. In fact, your customers are three times more likely to make a purchase when you proactively start a chat.

Zopim is now Zendesk Chat. With Chat, you can engage your customers at just the right moment. Think of it like the well-informed, friendly salesperson that shows up at exactly the right time – when you need them.

The inside scoop

Zendesk Chat provides your business with an advanced solution capable of providing a proactive, real-time, and customizable experience for your customers. Not only is Chat easy to set-up within your Zendesk, it also provides advanced ticket functionality, analytics, and overall workflow. It’s time to be approachable and available on a variety of channels. It’s time for Zendesk Chat.

Enjoy the benefits

Forget the static “send request and wait experience.” Become approachable and available. Chat allows you to:
  • Provide a fast and responsive way to connect with your customers–in real time
  • Create a personal connection with customers looking for support
  • Anticipate customer questions and offer help when–and where–they need it most
  • Reach out and talk to customers before they even ask a question
  • Realize powerful metrics–shed light on customer satisfaction, agent performance, and help identify issues before they become problems

Next steps

Zendesk Chat compared to Intercom is a fast and effective way to offer help–without interrupting your customer’s browsing flow. See for yourself how Chat’s cross-platform lets you manage all your conversations from one place. The web dashboard lets you serve customers wherever they are – on mobile, on laptops, or even in your app. Sign up now for a free trial of Chat today.

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