Quick Start Resources

No setup

Customers can email you at [email protected] and tickets will automatically
be created in your Zendesk.Log in and get started!

Quick customizations

Here you'll find step-by-step videos and documentation to guide you through the basic features.


Zendesk Overview (8:50)

Recorded demo. Review of navigation and basic features: login, dashboard, views, search, reporting, administrative panel.


Email Tutorial (2:27)

Top-level review of working with email in Zendesk including what it looks like when an email becomes a ticket and personalizing email settings.


Adding Agents (1:53)

Top-level review of adding users to Zendesk including the answer to "What is an agent?", details on the end-user default, and how to set roles such as agent or administrator.


Easily Automate Work (2:45)

Top-level review of using and creating triggers. Triggers are business rules you define that run immediately after tickets are created or updated. Triggers can significantly streamline workflow.



Introducing Zendesk's Help Center—knowledge base, community, and customer portal all-in-one.

Additional Resources

  • Core Concepts: Zendesk Terminology

    "What is a ...?"
    Find out here.

  • Getting Started with Email

    Configure and customize your email channel.

  • Table of Contents: More Getting Started Information

    Detailed articles walk you through solving a ticket, branding, adding agents and more!

  • Community Questions & Answers

    Search for answers or ask your own questions.