Boost team productivity

Boost team productivity

To keep up with customers' expectations, support teams need to improve productivity as they scale. Zendesk offers the productivity tools customer support needs to keep agents and customers happy.

Empower your agents

Customers expect responsive, personal support. To deliver on these expectations, customer support needs to have access to the relevant resources. Zendesk empowers teams with the relevant customer data, collaboration tools and analytics to improve team productivity -- and ultimately enhance CX.

Answer questions faster

Empower agents with relevant customer data so they have a complete view of the customer with the essentials card and interaction history. Provide a dynamic agent experience that surfaces relevant tools, like macros, forms and apps, give agents the ability to quickly respond to customers based on the ticket at hand.

Boost team productivity

Offer seamless collaboration

Keep internal and external teams on the same page with tools like the Collaboration add-on, which includes light agents and side conversations.

With side conversations, agents can easily share info, request a response or kick off processes with other internal and external teams. Give cross-functional teams the ability to quickly edit and chime in on content in your knowledge base with light agents

Scale with smart self-service

Scale and reduce redundant questions for your team with Guide, a smart-knowledge base that helps tap into that institutional knowledge and puts it to work. To take self-service one step further you can use Answer Bot, an AI tool which suggests articles from your knowledge base to help your customer resolve their issues faster.

Understand trends to improve performance

Improve your team’s workflow with custom reports to better understand your customers and measure operational efficiency. Publish live dashboards, schedule automated delivery, and make sure everyone is in the know to improve efficiency with Zendesk Explore.

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Boost team productivity with Zendesk