The Future of eCommerce Customer Support Webinar Series

February 28th & March 21st with Zendesk Product team

How to Build Omnichannel Customer Support Using the Bombas and Shopify Strategy

On Wednesday, February 28th @ 10AM PST//1PM EST, you’ll uncover and understand how to use the hidden secrets behind Bombas’s success, so you can make them your own. We’ll hear first-hand experiences from Drew Stadler, Vice President of Customer Happiness at Bombas.

Create Best-in-Class Customer Support with Zendesk and Shopify

On Wednesday, March 21st @ 10AM PST//1PM EST, learn how to integrate Shopify and Zendesk to create a harmonious customer support organization. Shopify experts will discuss trade secrets and show an in-depth demo of the Zendesk support instance working together with the Shopify app.

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