Start the conversation

Talk it out directly with customers and provide personalized solutions to complex issues.

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Integrated voice software

Talk it out

Even in the age of emails, texts, and DMs, sometimes a problem is best solved by talking to a real human. Zendesk Talk connects a voice channel into Zendesk’s omnichannel solution—allowing agents to easily pick up the conversation from any channel and resolve complex issues faster.

Two ways to play

Whether you’re spinning up a voice channel for the first time or you already have a solution in place, it’s easy to get started with Zendesk Talk.

Start from scratch

Start a trial of Zendesk Talk and begin taking calls immediately with a voice solution that works right out of the box.

Use what you have

Choose the call center software that’s right for you and integrate it with Zendesk using Talk Partner Edition.

Seamlessly integrated

Speak their language

Zendesk Talk is built into the Support Suite, which gives agents access to full customer context—and allows them to handle voice in the same workspace as other channels.

Settings tab in Zendesk Talk

Implement and adapt with ease

Take the fast lane

Zendesk Talk is a cloud-based telephony solution, which means you can get up and running in days—not weeks or months—with the flexibility to adapt as your business changes.

“We’re really making sure we have people in the right place at the right time, and that our customers are reaching a person as quickly as possible to get their questions answered.”

Katie Rogers

Senior Director of Customer Experience at Harry’s

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50% reduction in abandonment rate

80% of calls answered in 60 seconds or less

Pre-built apps and integrations

Make it your own

Connect your preferred tools and services—including your own call center provider—using our CTI toolkit available with Talk Partner Edition and productivity apps.

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Zendesk Talk metrics in Zendesk Explore

Lead with data

Fact, not fiction

Measure and improve your phone support operations with real-time analytics and reporting. With omnichannel reporting in Explore, you can see where voice stands with your customers in comparison to other channels.

“Zendesk Talk allows us to have vision all the time, anytime, into our phone support data.”

Vanessa Holden

Head of Client Services at Adslot

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