Call Center Cloud Software

Call center cloud software

How cloud software can improve your customer experience

When a customer has a problem, they want a quick and clear solution. But how do you make sure your contact center is a provider of those quick and clear answers? Especially when today's users reach out via multiple customer service platforms, on a variety of simple to complex problems, and to a customer support staff that can be scattered all over the world?

The answer is, in a way, overhead. Cloud-based call center software like Zendesk Talk puts all of your call center support on an intuitive, multichannel resource that your agents can access 24/7, wherever they are on the planet.

Moving forward

Gone are the days when an agent stumped by a customer query has to bounce that unlucky call to another agent, or worse, to several other agents, leaving your customer frustrated by a maze of transfers and half-help. Instead, your agents have instant access to queries on email, chat, text, talk, messaging, and social media. All in one place and updated in real-time. And the answers they need are just a click away -- be they live correspondence with another agent or supervisor, or useful articles from your internal library of agent-created resources.

Enjoy the benefits

Cloud software supercharges your contact center in a number of ways. Here are just a couple:
  • Cloud software makes customer service faster: The best call center software is designed to anticipate your agent's needs. For example, Zendesk Support, one of the Zendesk cloud-based offerings, makes it easy for your agents to collaborate, share information, and even automate responses to common questions. Customizable views allow your agents to see what tickets are in their queue and dynamic request forms show them an up-to-the-minute record of who their customers spoke with and why. All this prepares your agents to help your customers thoroughly and quickly.
  • Cloud software creates efficient communication between your contact center and its customers: Cloud solutions allow your customers to maintain contact with a helpful agent even if they switch between say, text messaging, phone, applications, and online chat. And the platform's integrated internal communications make sure any routing of your customer lands them with someone who understands their unique concern, ensuring a personalized response every time.

Next steps

For the kind of support and sales that today's plugged-in customer expects, your call center needs the capabilities of cloud-based software like Zendesk Talk. The cloud makes it easy to improve staff management, maximize integration of resources, and provide the most efficient and effective solutions to your users.

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