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The Impact of Solid Call Center Systems

What are call center systems?

Call center systems are the invaluable tools used by customer service agents to talk or text, in real time, the old-fashioned way, with users. We're all familiar (or perhaps slightly damaged by) the old-school versions of these systems, which have been in place as long as people could jump on the phone and ring up the local department store.

Zendesk understands that even in these email and social media savvy days, a phone conversation with a live human being is still one of the most powerful ways to solve a problem. You'll find that in addition to our Zendesk Talk solution, we have a host of tech-forward options available, including SMS integration, chat, and social media interactions.

At the beginning

The type of call center system that's right for your business depends on the size and scale of your operation, but the good news is that there are a host of a la carte solutions: call centers that can implement an array of different technologies.

CTI, for example, is a technology that allows computers and telephone systems to interact. For these call center systems, computers manage all phone calls, which funnels the queries into a visual, instead of solely audible experience for customer service agents. A screen pop up displays on an agent's screen, displaying the caller's account information before the two even connect. Another enviable technology is universal queueing, which pools all customers, regardless of how they contacted you, into a universal queue. The idea is, as always, to improve consistency and efficiency. Especially in today's omnichannel world.

Jumping in

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is increasingly becoming the gold standard for call center teams. VoIP is phone service via the internet. Zendesk Talk is one such example, which doesn't require new setup, new holes drilled into the walls, or a whole day of training on the new gadget. The only thing a support team needs to get started is an internet connection, a headset, ready ears, and eager mind.

Take it from apparel company Taylor Stitch, touting Talk's scalability by saying, “Zendesk Talk allows our team to deliver excellent customer experiences as our business continues to grow. Our agents have everything they need—customer history, order details and previous tickets—all in one place, for fast, personal support.”

How Zendesk helps

We already know that talking it out, in real time, must be a key portion of your customer service. Clicking down further, a number of service solutions include the ability to route incoming calls to the most appropriate agent (based on skill set) and IVR: interactive voice response. Most of us know this feature as "Press 1 for questions about your bill, Press 2 if…" For businesses on the other side of the line, IVR provides important information that allow agents to best prepare for and address customer concerns.

Zendesk Talk is a call center system that let companies built right into the Zendesk ticketing software. When customers get help over the phone using Zendesk Talk, agents can resolve complex issues faster and deliver personalized support. From one platform, agents can view full customer history, automatically create tickets, record their calls — essentially, focus on conversations instead of workflow and process. Plus, with analytics that deliver insight into what’s happening, support teams can continue to provide flexible, powerful support as your business grows and changes.

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Technology has caught up to the 21st century, providing businesses with a host of digital, cloud-based options for customer call management. Offering exceptional customer service is the primary goal of a call center; and a call center system is the structure keeping it all together. Learn more.

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