Cloud Call Center

Cloud call center for smoother customer support

Cloud call center software in a nutshell

Cloud-based call center software is a telephone connection integrated directly to the cloud-based platform you use to support your customers. The customer service team in your contact center can take and make regular support calls, access records of previous calls, generate new support tickets and even record calls, all while working in the cloud. The result is a much smoother support solution for both your customers and your agents.

Zendesk Talk is a cloud call center solution, designed with all the hooks you need to integrate your phone system with your cloud-based support center.

Manage your phones

You’ve moved your ticketing system out of your building and into the cloud; why not move your phones into cloud call center software as well? Instead of struggling to integrate traditional call center equipment with your help desk, you can send the tracking and management of all your customer support activity – including phone contact – to the cloud.

Enjoy the benefits

Once your ticketing and phone connections are integrated, the benefits of cloud-based call center software spread quickly:
  • Agents can focus on helping your customers instead of struggling with workflow.
  • Customers have a more satisfying experience and communicate with you in their preferred medium – voice or text.
  • Your IT group has less to manage on premises and little to configure in the cloud – just an ordinary Voice over IP (VoIP) connection.
  • Customer support managers can see analytics on call volume and duration, and they can take advantage of real-time queue monitoring.
  • You can implement Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to streamline call routing and give your customers control over their support experience.

Ready now

You look at your phone. You look at your ticketing system. Why keep worrying about how inconvenient it is to get them to work together? With more of your technology assets and capabilities moving to virtual resources in the cloud, the time is right to implement cloud call center software.

First steps to the cloud

Talk to your IT team about a cloud call center. Find out how easily they can configure and maintain an IP-based phone connection to your cloud-based ticketing system instead of trying to force an integration with your legacy phone system.

Get dialed in to cloud call center and consolidate your customer support in the cloud

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