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ultimate.ai has a one-click integration to Zendesk and is a no-code automation platform that automates 30-70% of support requests across Zendesk Chat, Messaging and Support. Join leading businesses in instantly delivering exceptional customer experiences at scale.

100% Zendesk Experience

We give your customers a unified experience, with virtual agents that live as users within Zendesk Chat, Support and SunCo. No 3rd party widgets.

Process Automation

Built for organizations with complex needs. Automate Zendesk triggers and actions, connect back-office systems, and sync data across platforms.

Global Scalability

Pioneer of multilingual conversational AI, with live deployments from Icelandic to Mandarin. Our multilingual and omnichannel technology lets you deploy automation across all markets and channels

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## What customers are saying:

“An eye-opening experience on what's possible with AI. In 5 months, our agents have seen a >30% reduction in response times across all cases, with increased per agent output and job satisfaction. ultimate.ai impressed with their deep technical expertise, dedication, transparency and understanding of the problems in customer service. We're excited to continue and scale our work together.”

Satu Karaksela, Digital Customer Services, Finnair

## How ultimate.ai works

ultimate.ai is Europe’s leading customer service automation platform. We help leading brands like Finnair and Telia scale their customer service with artificial intelligence. Integrated into your Zendesk, ultimate.ai helps agents work faster and smarter, not harder, by providing them with AI tools that augment their workflows. For businesses, this means dramatically lower costs with improved customer experience. For agents, we improve job satisfaction and provide freedom to focus on what really matters: the customer.

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