Round Robin

Round Robin

Round Robin is a service that automatically assigns tickets to the agents in a round robin fashion.


แอพ Round Robin คือแอพสำหรับมอบหมายใบสั่งงานอัตโนมัติสำหรับ Zendesk


  • Round robin assignment
  • Agent ticket queue limiting
  • Queue prioritization
  • Rule based ticket routing
  • Reservation and escalation
  • Manage agent's availability by work schedules
  • Manage agent's availability from Zendesk interface
  • Unassign or reassign tickets when an agent is unavailable
  • Assign all tickets from the same requester to one agent

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  • Author: Serge Mak
  • ราคา: ฟรี
  • Support: Email / Website

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