A winning customer service strategy can drive strong brand recognition, consistent customer loyalty, and a profitable revenue stream. But when it comes to putting that winning strategy into effect, convincing your stakeholders can be a project in itself.

Forrester’s August 2017 report, Win Funding For Your Customer Service Project, provides helpful insights for building a sound business case for an updated customer service strategy. It explores the benefits of providing a positive customer experience (CX) and why the initiatives towards creating one should be prioritized.

The report explains why it pays off to make modern adjustments to a customer service strategy. Some of their key findings include:

  • Companies with above-average customer service have fewer customers who churn
  • The revenue impact of a 1-point improvement in CX Index scores can help a company increase revenue by $175 million annually
  • Almost half of US online adults will abandon their online purchase if they cannot find a quick answer to their questions

These insights can help build a compelling total economic impact (TEI) study to propose to stakeholders. Build an effective blueprint that will benefit your customers and the company with Forrester’s Win Funding For Your Customer Service Project.

An example TEI study that outlines the potential for ROI with Zendesk can be viewed here: The Total Economic Impact of Zendesk.

The report, Engagement Costs Continue To Rise Even With Digital: Here’s How To Fight It, is no longer available. You can find it directly on Forrester's website.