Gartner: ตัวอย่างการนำไปใช้และประโยชน์สูงสุดแอพส่งข้อความผู้บริโภคเพื่องาน CRM

Published December 16, 2016
Last modified December 16, 2016

Odds are you've heard of Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Kik, Line, or Snapchat. Maybe you’re even an avid user of a few.

With the emergence of yet another form of communication, people are spending more and more of their time in social messaging apps. The Gartner report cites, “eMarketer projects that 2.19 billion consumers will use consumer messaging apps by 2019.” Social messaging apps are quickly becoming another space for businesses to meet customers and exceed support expectations, as well as to explore deeper and sophisticated methods to engage your customers.

Gartner’s report, Top Use Cases and Benefits of Consumer Messaging Apps for CRM, offers the top messaging app use cases to learn from, the benefits of consumer messaging apps, and recommendations for businesses, including how to:

  • Increase brand recall with consumer messenger advertisements.
  • Deflect support costs by solving customer issues over consumer messaging applications.
  • Explore ways to generate new business using consumer messaging apps for digital commerce

The full report is no longer available for complimentary download. Read more about this and other Gartner research on the Gartner website.

Gartner: Top Use Cases and Benefits of Consumer Messaging Apps for CRM, J. Sussin, 3 August 2016.