Pure Chat alternative

Increase customer satisfaction while reducing wait times with the Pure Chat alternative
As technology has evolved, so too have our demands for a more seamless customer service experience. No one wants to take time out to call or email a customer service representative. That’s why businesses are turning to Zendesk Chat. Trusted by tens of thousands of organizations across the globe to lower costs, increase customer satisfaction, and elevate productivity, Zendesk is the Pure Chat Alternative.

Knowing the difference

Adding Chat to your website increases customer satisfaction by letting you help customers in real time. Installed within minutes, Chat lets you track and engage users when they most need it, increasing sales by as much as three times.

Chat’s customizable widget reduces customer wait times and improves the overall experience with:

  • Easy integration with websites, mobile apps, and popular messaging apps like Twitter, Facebook, and Messenger
  • Agent performance and user satisfaction measured by powerful analytics
  • Proactive customer engagement - anticipate customer needs so that you can reach out before a problem arises
Life is fast-paced, which is exactly what your customer responses should be. See why users say that the live chat software from Zendesk provides happier customers more of the time.