Customer experience management software

What is customer experience management software?

Customer Experience Management (CEM) software helps companies get their arms around their many contact points with customers. Since each group in the enterprise has its own processes for relating to customers, customer experience management software helps tie the views together smoothly.

Zendesk Explore provides analytics around the full experience your customers have with your company. See whether your customers are satisfied and what new resources you can offer them.

The CEM difference

Each department (Management, Sales, Marketing, Support, Product Management, etc.) thinks differently about customer problems and needs. Each develops its own solutions accordingly, but the solutions taken together do not always add up to a smooth customer experience all the way across the enterprise.

Customer experience management solutions provide a harmonized, favorable experience for all customer interactions. They improve interaction and engagement by breaking down silos between groups and focusing entirely on the perspective of the customer. With customer experience management software, companies can use technology and develop a strategy for reaching across multiple groups.

Customer relationship management (CRM), marketing and customer service are important elements in customer experience management. But CEM goes beyond those to deliver information on the customer experience at each step along the customer journey. With a strong customer experience platform, a company can differentiate itself from its competitors, improve loyalty and deepen customer engagement.

Customer experience advantage

Before digital channels, the solution to customer experience (CX) was relatively simple. In the era of bricks, mortar, phone calls and printed brochures, any organization could differentiate itself with a strategy of price, quality and customer service. But now those few traditional touch points have been replaced by a wide range of websites, mobile options and social media. Customers use any and all of them to interact with the organization. As a result, nobody in Management, Sales, Marketing or the contact center has complete insight into the customer's experience.

If your favorite tool is a hammer, then your favorite solution to any problem is a nail. But it takes more than nails to build a house. Each team has countless options -- assets, content, resources, offers -- for its respective customer touch points, and the best overall customer experience comes from ensuring that those options are tied together. Good CEM can result in increased sales, happier customers and greater loyalty.

When to implement CEM

The ideal time to implement customer experience management solutions is before promises go unkept and questions go unanswered. Unfortunately, most companies don't discover the need for CEM software until customers fall through the cracks and the fall-off in customer engagement becomes too painful to ignore.

To create and manage a harmonious, end-to-end customer experience solution, it takes technology, software and processes. The software generates valuable analytics and insights on engagement and customer feedback throughout the customer journey. The analytics indicate the capacity and performance of internal teams, the resources customers want from you and the points at which customers need more help.

Teams within the enterprise then modify their processes to ensure that customer interactions add up to a smooth experience from beginning to end.

Zendesk Explore and CEM

With Zendesk Explore, you can examine each step on the customer journey across all Zendesk products. Explore provides insights and analytics that show how your teams can work together better to improve the overall customer experience.

The best decisions about improving team collaboration on the inside and customer satisfaction on the outside are based on data. The CEM technology in Zendesk Explore delivers data your company can use to create, deliver and manage the best customer experience possible.