Content Cues

Make it work

Content Cues helps keep your knowledge base agile and relevant by understanding what works and what doesn’t. Reduce noise and streamline workflows by archiving or improving content that isn’t performing well or items that have been sitting in draft mode for too long. Content Cues will also flag your top performing content—so that you can stay on top of it.

Content Cues

Fill the gaps

Content Cues uses our global, deep-learning model to understand the trends from your incoming support tickets, and then groups them into topics that matter most to your customers. Content managers can easily understand customer support trends and identify actions they can take to address those issues.

Take a cue from AI

Content Cues integrates with Team Publishing, giving content teams an added AI boost. Content Cues will automatically populate new articles with the best agent response, as well as a title suggestion and keyword tags for improved discoverability. From there, a content manager can go about their regular workflows—either building it out themselves or assigning it out to a subject matter expert for review.

My team has been working to offer more automated support to our customers. Content Cues is helping guide our online article creation because we now have a better sense of how many users are writing in about specific topics. Subjects most important to our customers are more confidently addressed first now.

Anne Cnockaert, Customer Care



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