Create a loyal following with Zendesk for WordPress

Is anyone there? It’s a question that’s asked all too frequently on the internet. Often impersonal, people can feel like no one on the internet is listening. And while that might be true in some instances, it’s certainly no way to create a loyal following on your blog. That's where Zendesk for WordPress comes in.


With Zendesk for WordPress, fielding questions from blog readers is done directly from WordPress. And when your readers know that you’re listening, it helps to create a loyal, interactive community.


Zendesk for WordPress promotes an open line of communication with:

  • One login for blog users - letting them sign on with the credentials they already hold for your blog
  • Comments that can be converted to tickets - giving you the insight needed to dive deep in an effort to help someone out
  • Searchable knowledge base, with optional tabs for pages

And because Zendesk makes it possible for you to manage all of your support requests directly in WordPress, customers are less likely to fall through the cracks.


Find out more about how Zendesk’s client portal for WordPress makes it easy to access ticket information and update support requests. Request your free trial of Zendesk Guide today.