Customer portal software open source

Why a hosted customer portal software beats open source

What do checking the status of support requests, reviewing updates to knowledge bases and community contributions, and tracking content all have in common? They can all be done from a single location with a hosted customer portal from Zendesk Guide. Can you imagine starting with a customer portal software that is open source and building on it to do all of that? I shudder to think of the reaction of IT departments at the thought of that project. They likely wouldn't think that open source was truly "free".


Zendesk Guide features a dedicated hub for your customers looking to manage support requests and their contributions to a knowledge base or community. And as it's dedicated, customers find exactly what they're looking for. Agents also benefit from the ability to search through previous tickets or interactions that they've been CC'd on to find answers to questions they've already been asked. This saves time and increases customer satisfaction.


Guide's customer portal boasts several attractive features, including:
  • A completely customizable portal - deliver a seamless experience between your own website and your help center
  • Information gathering - choose which fields a customer needs to complete so agents have context to resolve requests
  • Transparency - supports shared organizations, so members can see one another's request
Furthermore, at Zendesk, we've done this before. We know about configuring end-user access and sign in's. Let us provide with help with your knowledge base customer portal. Launch your free trial today to learn more.

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