Open source customer portal

Hosted software versus open source

Building on open source code to create a customer portal that allows users to check the status of support requests, review updates to knowledge bases and community contributions, and track content seems like a daunting task. Just imagine the time and effort IT teams could expend doing just that. With a hosted customer portal from Zendesk Guide users can do all of that from a single location — and IT can take a break.


Featuring a dedicated hub for customers looking to manage support requests and contributions to a knowledge base or community, Zendesk Guide makes it easy for customers to find exactly what they're looking for. And agents are able to increase efficiency and customer satisfaction as they benefit from the ability to search through previous tickets and interactions that they've been CC'd on.


Guide's customer portal meets the needs of users with:
  • Transparency - supports sharing in organizations so that members can view each other's requests
  • Information gathering - choose which fields customers complete so that agents have the context necessary to resolve requests
  • A fully customizable portal - delivering a seamless experience between your website and your help center


Configuring end-user access and sign-in's is nothing new at Zendesk. Rely on our expertise to help you launch your customer portal. Sign up for a free trial of Guide today to learn more about how Zendesk provides the platform for agent success and customer satisfaction.

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