Preserving content in an online knowledge base

What is an online knowledge base?

An online knowledge base is the body of questions, answers, documentation, best practices, tips and tricks – in short, knowledge – that an enterprise creates, collects and stores over time. The main idea of a knowledge base is to preserve that information long-term and make it accessible both internally and externally. Smart companies provide free access to it so that customers and users can find the solutions to their problems without contacting customer support.

Zendesk includes software that makes it simple to create, manage, access and search through content in knowledge bases.

Creating less work

When customers have free access to information in a knowledge base, they have less need to contact the help desk or customer support department. The lower support burden frees up internal resources to create and manage even more content, and so on in a virtuous cycle.

Some enterprises even encourage customers to contribute their own solutions, procedures and files. Whether managed as part of the main knowledge base or unmanaged as part of a support forum, the practice makes for a more committed user community.

More accumulated knowledge

Every organization reaps the benefits of implementing knowledge base software by capturing internal expertise. And, when customers and users can access and search through all of that wisdom in an online knowledge base, the organization also reaps the benefits of stronger customer relationships.

Get the answers to their questions

The sooner a company implements knowledge base software, the sooner it begins storing knowledge and the sooner management begins to see concrete results. Most knowledge base solutions integrate directly with technical documentation systems and help desk software. That enables teams in both information management and customer service to start populating the knowledge base immediately. With a front-end portal, users too can start posting their own questions, answers, solutions and feedback.

Getting started with Zendesk

Zendesk Guide includes knowledge base software that is easy to use and manage. It's a powerful tool for creating an internal knowledge base, an IT knowledge base or an FAQ repository in which customers and users can search for answers on their own at any time from anywhere.

Authoring in Zendesk Guide is simple, with rich formatting, translation support and group restriction. Built-in reports show what has changed recently, what users are looking for and whether they're satisfied with the information they've found.

Start gathering your wisdom in Zendesk Guide

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