Better customer experiences with omnichannel engagement

Designing an omnichannel-first experience sets up your support organization to provide exceptional customer service both now and down the line. Though it might be tempting to add products and channels piecemeal as you grow, it becomes difficult to later connect the dots—and data—and provide consistent service experiences.

Companies that have implemented a Zendesk omnichannel solution have reported seeing payback on investment within three months of implementation and benefits that include increased agent productivity and retention, cost savings across several areas, reduced maintenance, and volume deflected through self-service and automation.

As this white paper details, a Zendesk omnichannel solution allows your organization to:

  • Start a conversation that doesn't end
  • Operationalize any, and every, channel
  • Turn data into actionable insights
  • Serve up fast, smart answers with AI

Learn how a Zendesk omnichannel solution can be used out of the box or tailored to meet your needs. Either way, you can easily turn channels on and off as you scale or as customer preferences shift, all while retaining a centralized history of customer conversations.

Download the white paper to learn what you can accomplish with a Zendesk omnichannel solution.

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