7 Effective Keys to Transforming the Customer Experience

With Kristina Evey

Delivering excellent customer service doesnt have to be complicated. In fact, the keys to better serving your customers and improving customer satisfaction levels as a result are so simple they might surprise you.

Watch this 1-hour webinar where Kristina Evey shares the 7 tips that will turn your current customers into raving fans and evangelists for your business. Youll learn how to build trust with your customers, how to give each customer that one customer feel, and what to look for when staffing a team. Whether youre a support agent or a manager, these tips will help you to transform the customer experience and create an extremely loyal customer base.

Kristina Evey is a professional speaker, trainer, and educator, and brings 20 years of background in customer experience to her clients. She works with small to large organizations to ensure that everyones primary focus is on the customer. Shes also had numerous articles published and products produced on customer retention, satisfaction, and loyalty, and is a regular contributor for radio and web interviews.