Customer management systems and your business

What are customer management systems?

Customer management systems are software solutions designed to give businesses a clear picture of their relationship with customers at all touch points. That includes acquisition, first contact, sales funnel, conversion, ongoing sales and marketing, up-sell and renewals.

Zendesk includes software for customer management that improves the communication and relationship between businesses and customers.

The difference

These systems are also known as customer relationship systems and customer relationship management or CRM systems. Companies use them to provide the ultimate in customer service by ensuring that users on support and sales teams have all possible information about every customer. The companies create a CRM database with an entire history so that users have a full view of all the work that has been done with the customer over time.

Customer relationship systems have evolved from simply knowing who the customer is to knowing all the customer's preferences. The technology behind them tracks website visits, phone calls, sales efforts, marketing campaigns and social presence. The goal is effortless management of a sales and marketing experience tailored to each customer.

Customer service benefits

Customer relationship management, or CRM, is a mixture of art and science. Companies use CRM systems to try to offer just the right amount of customer contact -- not too much, not too little. The goal of CRM software is to centralize all the information and resources about the relationship and provide it to system users (agents) at the point of customer contact.

Software solutions for CRM also include functionality such as scheduling, workflow, performance checking, automation and recording. Monitoring tools allow management a detailed view of customer satisfaction and insight into the entire sales and marketing process.

When to implement CRM

It's never too soon to offer customer relationship management tools to your users so they can improve the customer service experience. Some companies make an investment in on-premises solutions with desktop and mobile client software. Other companies implement cloud-based CRM systems to provide worldwide, always-on availability to customer data.

The management of most CRM solutions is generally simple enough for both enterprises and small businesses in every industry. The fast-evolving market for CRM systems and customer relationship systems is constantly delivering technology that fits every company's customer service strategy.

Zendesk ผนวกรวมกับ CRM

To improve the value it offers customer support teams, Zendesk includes software for integration with CRM systems. Companies deploy Zendesk, then connect to their CRM software through integration. Upper management gets better sales and marketing results, business users get strong communication tools and customers get relationships that are more meaningful, personal and productive.