Zendesk Sell: Sales Operations Software

Transform data into useful insights and give teams the tools they need to increase sales.

Your sales process is unique. Zendesk Sell lets you customize pipeline stages, lead statuses, fields and tags to reflect the way your business works and generate the reports you need to assess performance.

Improve your sales process

Customize pipeline stages, lead statuses, fields and tags to reflect your business' unique sales process, and get the visibility you need to optimize performance. With Zendesk Sell activity tracking and reporting you can better visualize, interact with and understand your data.

Integrate with Ease

Sell's API and marketplace keeps your business systems in sync via pre-built integrations with solutions like HubSpot and Google, while its secure, open API makes it easy to build new Sell-powered applications.

Set clear targets and identify opportunities

Sophisticated lead scoring ranks leads and deals based on your business' criteria so reps can focus on building high-value relationships. Smart Lists enable teams to quickly segment and filter opportunities in real-time by value, win likelihood and more to help them stay organized and spot opportunities.

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