Slack scales their online ticketing support system

We all have a limited amount of time. If someone is taking some of that time to write about a success or failure related to our products, it is incumbent on us to take the time as people to form that relationship with them. Then, we must do our best, to get them to where they need to be.

Slack was determined to build closer relationships with their customers. Slack's philosophy is that when a person takes the time to contact them, they deserve a human conversation. Therefore, Rayl at Slack, equipped her team with Zendesk's free trial online ticketing system, before Slack celebrated its first birthday.

The inside scoop on a free online ticketing system trial

Zendesk's free trial is a beautifully simple system for tracking, prioritizing, and solving customer support tickets. “People don’t know that they are talking to a ticketing system,” Rayl said. “They feel they are just sending us a note.”

In the two years since launching Zendesk, Slack has grown to serve 2.7 million active daily users. Each week, their Help Center receives 100,000 hits. Rayl’s 60 agents field as many as 60,000 tickets, and respond to 20,000 tweets, per month.

Seamless views

With Zendesk's online ticketing system it is possible to set up a personal view that exposes tickets that are most meaningful. "When four people write in about the same thing, and an engineer will come across the tickets and say, ‘I can just fix this,’” Rayl said. “They take 15 minutes, write a patch, test it, roll it out, and they resolve all four tickets at once. It’s amazing.”

Flexibility to scale

“I knew that Zendesk would work if we reached the scale we were aiming for, and I also knew that whatever the user interface didn’t provide, we could write it ourselves with the Zendesk API,” Rayl said.

Magical ticket ride

Slack users can contact support the traditional ways or they can interact using a feedback command built directly into Slack’s interface, which seamlessly generates a ticket in the background.

Zendesk Support's ticketing system example

Zendesk จะช่วยได้อย่างไร

Support’s analytics identified which tickets had the longest turnaround time and arranged for training programs that addressed the difficult ticket types.

Zendesk offers a free trial so you can experience the same benefits that Slack does. Without tying up a bunch of time or money.