How can a free ticketing software trial help your team?

A ticketing system takes customer requests for support and creates an automated customer service ticket to track each request. Customers face an ever-growing number of channels customers use for service—including social media, email, and live chat—so providing consistent service can be a challenge.

Grab a free ticketing system trial of Zendesk to help your channels “talk” to each other, eliminating the information silos between channels to make sure multiple support agents don’t respond to the same customer.

Your seamless support team

Zendesk (which comes with a free trial, just saying) is a ticketing system designed to help your customer support team seamlessly together by removing roadblocks and inefficient workflows. Using a shared inbox for all customer inquiries and questions, Zendesk help desk software collects data your team can use to help customers—and each other—more efficiently. With built-in workflows, automations, and macros that save time, your chat agents will be able to respond both faster and more effectively to your customers.

Zendesk takes your support team’s guesswork out of managing their responsibilities by using:

  • Support’s business rules which start a process based on ticket changes or time-based conditions
  • Built-in best practices that can be customized to fit any workflow
  • Customizable views enable agents to see their customer queue based on ticket status, assignee, group, and other conditions
  • Dynamic request forms which give employees the right context without delay in assisting a customer

Our ticketing software also encourages collaboration between employees, including:

  • The ability to CC coworkers on tickets and share specific information using internal notes
  • Live editing which shows who is viewing a ticket and any changes they make in real time
  • Zendesk's mobile functionality which lets employees handle tickets when they are away from their desks

We know your team is capable. Give them the tools they need to do their best—and set your company apart from the competition. With Zendesk, the forecast says happier customers—and agents—are on the horizon.

Customization and powerful insights

Using Zendesk ticketing software, customer support team members and their managers will be able to customize workflows, integrate apps from the Zendesk marketplace (many of which are free), and even develop new apps for your business using Zendesk’s robust API.

Rich, actionable data is also a click away in Zendesk’s easy-to-navigate interface. Using customer analytics and machine learning, your support team can deliver personalized service and understand your customers better than before. Your business will have the ability to predict customer satisfaction, measure performance, and uncover insights that can help your business achieve a higher caliber of customer service than ever before.

Choose your version

We know there are free ticket systems out there, but the benefit of no fees will soon be eclipsed by the labor of managing and hosting the system, as well as a limit on features.

In addition to offering a free trial, Zendesk comes in four versions: Team, Growth, Professional, and Enterprise. This way, you can choose the right help desk software for your business to scale with you as your company grows—and at the right price for where you are now.

Zendesk includes multi-channel support in more than 40 languages and the ability to customize your help desk design to match your brand for global recognition. Support help desk software also allows you to:

  • ตั้งเวลาทำการ
  • Track time spent on tickets
  • Enact service-level agreements that will keep you on the path to meeting your company’s commitments

The Wharton School

Zendesk Support's iPad app allows Wharton Computing's team to answer tickets on the go


Support your team with Zendesk’s ticketing system

Zendesk is the help desk software your team needs for seamless customer service. Our ticketing system software integrates with tools your team already uses—and even more you haven’t even discovered yet from Zendesk. Our Zendesk Advocate will be at your side to help you solve problems over the phone, via email, and through live chat. It’s time to power up your customer service skills game with Zendesk for customer service.