Evolving trends in self-service: creating the best experience for agents and customers

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Join Zendesk’s VP and General Manager, Jason Maynard, as he walks through self-service industry trends that are changing the landscape and how Zendesk Guide allows you to stay agile and ahead of the curve.

You’ll learn how the next generation of businesses leverage self-service and AI to scale while proactively creating positive customer experiences and decreasing overhead.

Some topics we explore during this webinar include:

● 3 technology and market trends that are changing the self-service landscape and why agent productivity should be a key consideration in your self-service efforts
● An overview of new advanced knowledge management capabilities that enable you to establish even better lifecycle management and self-service options for both your customers and agents
● How AI-powered features extend automated self-service offerings to boost customer satisfaction, agent efficiency, and reduce support costs

Take full advantage of this 30-minute webinar to understand evolving trends in self-service and how you can leverage new functionality in Zendesk Guide to stay ahead.

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Jason Maynard

Jason Maynard is the VP and GM of Guide and Data Products at Zendesk. He heads up a team that builds products designed to drive better customer experiences through self-service and automation.

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