Simplify your support operation as you scale – Europe

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Growing your customer service operation doesn’t need to be painful- as long as you have the right tools for the job.

Join David Williams, Vice President and General Manager of the Zendesk Support product, to learn how you can scale your team’s efforts while also removing friction for both customers and agents with the Zendesk Support Enterprise Plan.

During this webinar we’ll discuss how to:

● Speed up reply and resolution times across each type of request you serve
● Increase customer satisfaction with predictive machine learning
● Improve visibility into support operations

You’ll also see feedback from customers already using the Enterprise Plan to upgrade their real world support operations.
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David Williams

David Williams is the Vice President and General Manager of the Zendesk Support product. He leads a team focused on making our flagship product the best multi-channel customer support product in the industry. He is passionate about keeping the customer experience "beautifully simple" while delivering powerful features on a flexible platform.

Anthony Okumura

Anthony Okumura is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Zendesk where he's passionate about delivering a clear, engaging and helpful message to our customers.

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