How Squarespace surpasses customer expectations with 24/7 self-service support

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Join Director of Product Solutions, Eric Clay, from Squarespace, a popular web and e-commerce platform powering millions of businesses, alongside Zendesk’s VP and General Manager, Jason Maynard, on a conversation around the rapidly shifting nature of customer support and how self-service can make or break business in a direct-to-consumer world.

Learn how the next generation of businesses leverage self-service and AI to scale while proactively creating positive customer experiences (CX) and decreasing overhead.

In this 55 minute webinar you will:

● See how the Internet is reshaping and increasing customer expectations rapidly
● Learn how Squarespace reduces costs while also improving CX by investing in self-service
● Gain knowledge management best practices to elevate your self-service experience and meet customer demands

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Eric Clay

Eric Clay is Director, Product Solutions at Squarespace. He leads 4 teams that cover product QA, user research, product support, and program management/development of Zendesk to improve the customer experience and operational excellence for customer care.

Jason Maynard

Jason Maynard is the VP, GM of Guide and Data Products at Zendesk. He heads up a team that builds products designed to drive better customer experiences through self service and automation.