Enterprise Benchmark: Comparing your customer service against other enterprises – Asia Pacific

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As a customer support leader, you’ve probably wondered: “How does our department stack up against our peers?” This webinar will answer that question and more with actual benchmark metrics, based on customer service interactions from more than 45,000 companies crowdsourced into the Zendesk Benchmark.

You will learn first hand how enterprises are split between two major profiles based on the different ways they provide customer service.

Those two groups are:

● Digital Transformers – established organizations working to modernize and scale their    support beyond traditional channels like e-mail
● Digital Natives – fast-growing firms who lean on live channels like social media and    chat to scale

Whether you’re a Digital Transformer or Digital Native, watch this webinar to:

● Compare how your support team is doing via benchmark metrics
● Hear examples of customer service leaders that stand out from the rest
● Learn data-backed best practices to take your customer service to the next level

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Astha Malik

Astha Malik - Vice President, Product and Platform Marketing

Claire Peracchio

Claire Peracchio - Product Marketing Manager, Benchmark Research & Data Insights