How Discord scaled to support 46m monthly active users

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As its community exploded to 150M users in under three years, Discord – one of the world’s largest chat platform for gamers – turned to Zendesk Guide and Answer Bot to scale its customer service while maintaining the brand’s playful style that kept gamers returning.

Join Mike Mortimer, Director of Product, Machine Learning & AI at Zendesk and Jesse Dacumos, CX Manager at Discord, as they chat about Discord’s customer-first approach in providing support, which increased not only customer satisfaction but gamer loyalty.

In this webinar, you will:

● Learn how Discord used Answer Bot to boost automatic ticket resolution and user self-service
● Hear how the new Discord & Zendesk integration enhances both the agent and gamer experience

Whether you enjoy video games or not, this is not one to miss if you care about customer loyalty!

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Mike Mortimer

Mike Mortimer is the Director of Product Management for Data Products. His team of Data Scientists and Engineers in Melbourne build Zendesk’s machine learning products such as Satisfaction Prediction and Answer Bot.

Jesse Dacumos

Jesse Dacumos is one of the CX Managers at Discord, focusing mostly on Operations. He believes in empowering users to help themselves as much as possible so the CX team can focus on delivering an amazing experience with more complex issues. He pulls from a background of over a decade helping customers have the best experiences they can.