How to enable smart self-service - Europe

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Zendesk Support works together with Guide to make self-service smarter. Guide tracks activity and sends it to Support as contextual insights that help agents analyze customer activity and solve tickets faster and with more relevant answers.

Hear how the international transportation network company Taxify use Zendesk to offer precise and smart solutions for millions of customers around the World.

Join Zendesk’s Benjamin Keyser, Director of Zendesk Guide, and Taxify’s Toby Humphrey, CS Product Manager, as they discuss:

● How the knowledge base enables self-service
● The primary use of the knowledge bases and help centers
● The management of content and how to keep it up to date
● What data to identify performance gaps, trends, and underlying issues

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Product Manager - Taxify

Benjamin Keyserphoto

Benjamin Keyser

Director of Zendesk Guide