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How TouchCare uses Zendesk Explore: Leveraging analytics to scale operations

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Join the Zendesk Explore team for a discussion with TouchCare about using analytics to monitor team efficiency and fuel company growth. TouchCare, a rapidly growing healthcare startup, leverages Explore to better understand their customers and improve support team performance.

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Maddi Eckertphoto

Maddi Eckert

Maddi Eckert is a Product Marketing Associate for Zendesk Explore. Her focus is on empowering customers to make better, more strategic decisions by harnessing data and analytics.

Juliet Frerkingphoto

Juliet Frerking

Juliet Frerking is the Senior Vice President of Operations at Touchcare. She oversees Touchcare’s customer support team and leverages analytics to improve team efficiency and scale the company’s operations.