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Scale your customer support with smart self-service - Europe

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Today’s customers increasingly prefer leveraging self-service content to solve their issues rather than reaching out to a live support agent. To keep up with this demand for self-service, it’s vital to ensure your content is not just easily accessible but also always up to date. That may seem easier said than done, but our Customer Success team is here to help.

Join us for a free interactive webinar where you’ll learn how to build and scale your self-service strategy as your business grows. You’ll see Zendesk’s best practices for:

● Increasing the amount of traffic to your knowledge base
● Leveraging artificial intelligence to automatically solve simple customer requests without any agent intervention
● Empowering your agents to access and maintain your self-service content right within the ticket interface

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Olena Sosyedovaphoto

Olena Sosyedova

Customer Success Associate

Ivana Milkovicphoto

Ivana Milkovic

Customer Success Associate